Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe There are several fascinating things to discover at Hwange National Park, located in the beautiful country of Zimbabwe. With over 14,600 square kilometers of pristine wilderness, this magnificent natural park boasts an incredible array of exotic wildlife, unique flora and breathtaking landscapes. Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe is renowned for its iconic elephants- the largest population of elephants in the world, to be precise! But that's not all- this wildlife sanctuary also boasts over 100 other species of mammals, including lions, buffaloes, leopards, and many more. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of bird species and stunning plant life amidst the rugged terrain. You can go on a game drive or an immersive guided tour to appreciate the natural beauty of this park, and learn more about the fascinating animals that call it home. A visit to Hwange National park is a truly unforgettable experience for nature lovers!

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