Lion & Cheetah Walk

Victoria Falls
Per Person

On arrival guests are met by the guides and are given a safety briefing and a short talk about who we are. The first part of the activity is a truly one-of-a-kind lion feeding experience that we have affectionately named, “The Feast of Beasts” encounter. We all know the reputation lions have when it comes to feeding, and this is no different with our lions. What started as an enrichment exercise has now become an incredibly unique opportunity to see a side of lions not commonly seen, and from an eye level perspective. The second part of the activity is an opportunity to be immersed into the life of a lion pride. A drive through experience, known as our “Into the Pride” encounter. Take a scenic drive through a 25 acre enclosure strategically placed within our teak forest housing a pride of 5 lions. An exquisite male and 4 beautiful females. From the safety of a secure safari vehicle, enjoy guaranteed sightings of our pride, with incredible photo opportunities as they go about their daily lion lives. As always, not only do these activities offer amazing experiences for your guests, but also contribute financially to our continued conservation and community development work.